Mobile App Development

Does it solve a problem and is the solution clearly defined?

Your app is the solution, is the problem worth solving?

We work with you to answer this question before we start development on your mobile app. A successful mobile app solves a problem users are aren't willing to live with.

Is Mobile App Development for you

Is our mobile app development service a good fit for you... you:


Know the problem your app will solve?


Know what the ideal solution should be?


Have an end-to-end strategy for your app?

If that sounds like you, then our mobile app development service is what you're looking for.

The Science of Lifetime Software

We develop your mobile app using our signature method: The Science of Lifetime Software.

Software Discovery

We work with you from the 1st phase, Discover, to find your app's true value. The problem it solves, and how it does it.

Engineered Software Solutions

The end result is an app that is well defined and more likely to succeed.

Zero to One in 10 phases

Development Consistency

Learn how our signature development method, The Science of Lifetime Software consistently delivers reliable solutions.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Customer Feedback

Access our exclusive client zone when we're working on your project. View progress, ask questions, schedule calls and more.

Already know you want to get started?

Start Development

Get in touch with us and we'll guide you through the next steps.

After our initial contact, we can evaluate whether we're a good fit for your project. All our development is prioritised in the following order:


Reliability: Can you build a business on it?


Maintainability: Can it be updated without falling over?


Security: Is it protected?


Performance: Is it fast enough?

The timeline for your project depends mainly on it's scope, use the below variables to see how a typical project is scheduled:



Integration points

Is it urgent?

Estimated duration: weeks



System Architecture
Framework Development*
Core Development
User Acceptance Testing
Backward Validation
*Phases 4 to 10 (Framework Development to Publish) are typically repeated for each module/component under development.
Mobile App Solutions

Your app is the solution... the problem well defined?


Knowledge of the problem means knowing how the solution will benefit your users


Solving a real user problem will give your app true value.


We take a customer first view before development starts.


Developed using a proven process for on-target results.


Built to produce reliable and maintainable code.


With a minimum of 12 months support always included.

Our goal when building your mobile app is to develop an app your users can't do without.

Software Engineering Experience

Engineering reliable software for more than 11 years. We've made and learnt from our mistakes so you get the grown up version of ourselves.

Open Source Software Development

The code is your's to modify as you wish. You can change or update your software and you don't have to rely on us to do it (but we're more than happy to do so).

We value your privacy

Your trust and privacy is important to us. We don't share your ideas and neither your personal information without your consent.

Valuable Development

Our signature method to software development is structured to deliver the most valuable parts of your solution as early as possible.

Software Discovery

We use the 1st phase (Discovery) to identify the results you want from your project.

Software Project Management

You can track each result or outcome from the start of your project to the end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  Surely all mobile apps solve a problem, what type of problems do you solve for?
What we actually mean is: Is the problem worth solving, from your customer's perspective? Or we might ask: Are people willing to pay to have this problem solved? Those are the ideal kinds of problems worth solving.
Knowing the problem we're solving is the first step, the next step is to know what the ideal solution will be. A well defined solution is something that both of us agree on i.e. we both agree that the solution we have chosen is the actual solution to your problem.
The ideal end-to-end strategy is one that goes beyond attracting users for your initial release. An end-to-end strategy covers customer attraction, retention, optimization etc.
We identify customer value before development starts and keep track of the features that will benefit your customers, to the end of development.