Augmented Reality

AR can be an immersive experience that delights your customers.

Does AR have functional value?

The novelty of an AR app wears off as quick as we use it, but to keep users coming back, your app needs functional value.

Is AR development for you

Is our AR development service a good fit for you...

...if you asked:

Would someone use this app without it's AR function?

..and you answered yes, then our AR development service is a good fit for you.

The Science of Lifetime Software

We develop your AR app using our signature method: The Science of Lifetime Software.

Software Discovery

We work with you from the 1st phase, Discover, to find the functional value of your app.

Engineered Software Solutions

The end result is that you know your app's value and see the value come to life as we develop it.

Zero to One in 10 phases

Development Consistency

Learn how our signature development method, The Science of Lifetime Software consistently delivers reliable solutions.

Keep your finger on the pulse

Customer Feedback

Access our exclusive client zone when we're working on your project. View progress, ask questions, schedule calls and more.

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Get in touch with us and we'll guide you through the next steps.

After our initial contact, we can evaluate whether we're a good fit for your project. All our development is prioritised in the following order:


Reliability: Can you build a business on it?


Maintainability: Can it be updated without falling over?


Security: Is it protected?


Performance: Is it fast enough?

The timeline for your project depends mainly on it's scope, use the below variables to see how a typical project is scheduled:



Integration points

Is it urgent?

Estimated duration: weeks



System Architecture
Framework Development*
Core Development
User Acceptance Testing
Backward Validation
*Phases 4 to 10 (Framework Development to Publish) are typically repeated for each module/component under development.
User focused Augmented Reality

Will my app users...

...keep coming back?


Before building your AR app we work with you on it's user value: how does your app benefit the user?


By focusing on your customer's benefit, your app will keep users coming back.


Developed using a proven process for on-target results.


Built to produce reliable and maintainable code.


With a minimum of 12 months support always included.

Our goal in building your AR app is to focus on customer value with AR built into it's user benefit.

Software Engineering Experience

Engineering reliable software for more than 11 years. We've made and learnt from our mistakes so you get the grown up version of ourselves.

Open Source Software Development

The code is your's to modify as you wish. You can change or update your software and you don't have to rely on us to do it (but we're more than happy to do so).

We value your privacy

Your trust and privacy is important to us. We don't share your ideas and neither your personal information without your consent.

Valuable Development

Our signature method to software development is structured to deliver the most valuable parts of your solution as early as possible.

Software Discovery

We use the 1st phase (Discovery) to identify the results you want from your project.

Software Project Management

You can track each result or outcome from the start of your project to the end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  What type of AR technology do you use?
When we decide which AR platforms to use, our first consideration is reliability, can our customers run their business on it? We then look at the technical fit for the solution we're developing and so on.
If users find value in your app without it's AR functionality, we can say that it has functional value.
We'll only know for certain after your app gets into user hands, i.e. we get feedback from actual users. But we can minimize our risk by doing market research and developing a prototype, it's faster and cheaper to develop.