On a mission to build invisible software.


Invisible software?


Software that keeps working over and over again, without a fuss. You won't even know it's there.


Why invisible software?


Because you can build a business on it. You don't have to think about the software you're running your business on. It just works.


Our mission!


Ever had a sleepless night thinking about software instead of things that matter to you? We've had many!

We know how it feels, not knowing. Not knowing whether your software is going to work when you need it most:

  • When you're running a client presentation.
  • When you're building a customer deliverable.

You can say that our mission is peace of mind for both of us.

Our core values.


Customer success

We're only successful when our customer's succeed.


Authentic even if different

We value honesty and truthfulness especially when it's difficult.


Build it like your own

We build our customer's solutions the way we build it for ourselves.



We take pride in our work.



We value people and their differences.



We respect and treat everyone with dignity.

Our promise to you...

...is to deliver software that's engineered, tested and verified.


Our ideal clients are looking for their next growth opportunity, to build their brand or to keep and grow their customers.


We're independent and always will be, we never sub contract any of our work and value the openness of a flat structure.



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